A very simple Test Helper, framework independent.

How it works

Dexter is a Test Helper. With Dexter, you can mock functions by spying and faking to prevent their default functionality and set callbacks to create your assertions.

It's VERY simple to use and it doesn't mess with your JS environment. The goal is to keep it simple and clean.

It works both on Browser and Node environments, although if you run on it on a Browser, it will allow you to fake the XHR object, doing so you get control of your Ajax required tests to improve them for speed.

Getting Started

Download dexter.min.js and include it in your JavaScript test environment.


You can install Dexter via NPM.

npm install --save-dev dexter


You can install Dexter via Bower

bower install dexter


In an effort to maintain Dexter a reliable tool for JS tests, we keep the min coverage threshold on at least 80% of the code.


Checkout the documentation. They are generated with MDOC.

You can jump directly to the Dexter main functions:


DexterJS wouldn´t be possible without all the support from Estante Virtual (pt_BR) and it's contributors!


Other Resources

Dexter is licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses, and it's hosted in Github. Below are some interesting links you might want to know.


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